On October 13 and 14, 2023, the research team of the project “ORKAN – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Policy Ecosystem“ held a data collection experiment to improve the algorithm for localization of intruder drone pilots.

The experiment was held in Delnice, at the Golubinjak site. The project team worked on stabilizing the system for controlling the constellation of drones. Such an experiment was previously tested in a simulation environment, but in real environment numerous adjustments were needed to achieve the same result despite external conditions. The experiment was successfully completed and a constellation of four drones took off and the system simultaneously controlled them, maintaining a set constellation in the air. During the experiment, a series of data for analysis was collected, which will serve to further improve the algorithm for localization of the source of the control signal. The conducted experiment is part of the activities of the last phase of the ORKAN project, which ends in January 2024.

The video of the experiment is available here.